Healing from Injury

Healing From an Injury

Does Feeling Better Mean Your Injury is 100% Healed?

When you come in for injury treatment Dr. Anderson will prescribe a schedule of care according to your diagnosis. Nearly always the pain will subside or disappear after several treatments. If your schedule is hectic or your insurance coverage is limited you may be tempted to stray from the prescribed schedule of treatment because you're feeling better. Dr. Anderson's advice is this: "Follow through with your schedule of care and you'll avoid starting over because you didn't allow your injury to heal. Just because you don't feel pain doesn't mean the soft tissue surrounding the spine is healed 100%."

Top Five Pay-Offs for Sticking to Your Schedule of Chiropractic Care

  1. Prevent re-injury
  2. Heal faster
  3. Cut medical costs
  4. Get back to work quicker
  5. Feel like yourself again sooner

Patients who follow the prescribed care have lower rates of re-injury and statistically see the chiropractor less in the long run.

"The best part of what I do is seeing patients leave the office pain-free with a smile on their face. That's when I know I've done my job and my patient has done theirs!!" Dr. Donald Anderson

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