Joint Disease / Osteoarthritis

Joint Disease / Osteoarthritis Case Study 
Chiropractic Rehabilitation of the Osteoarthritic Knee

Released by the Journal of Sports & Chiropractic Rehabilitation

Osteoarthritis is prevalent in our society and it affects the elderly population more severely than any other age group.

The Patient

In the case study, "...a 68 year old man with a seven year history of left knee pain and inabilities to perform daily activities..." was put on a 3 month program of functional rehabilitation aimed at increasing the following: flexibility of the knee flexor muscles, aerobic (cardiovascular) capacity, muscle strength, joint proprioception, and restoration of proper gait.

Before Rehabilitation: Treatment and Recommendations

Previously, the 68 year old man had been treated for his osteoarthritis with, "...medication, bracing, brief non-weight bearing proprioceptive and strengthening exercises, and an orthopedic recommendation for a total knee replacement".

After Rehabilitation: The Patient's Condition

At the conclusion of the study, "...brace and medication usage were discontinued and numerous functional improvements were noted, including resumption of proper walking and elimination of pain medication".

Conclusions: Chiropractic Rehabilitation for Osteoartritic Patients

The author concluded that, "the role of chiropractic rehabilitation in the care of osteoartritic patients may be crucial in slowing the progression and severity of the disease process...".

Excerpted from the Journal of Sports Chiropractic & Rehabilitation 2000:14(3), pp62-69.

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