Medical Conditions

Bursitis - learn what bursitis is, how to spot it and how to get relief.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - symptoms and treatment.

Cluster Headaches - affect one side of the head and come on suddenly. Effective treatment.

Disc Bulges/Herniation - how to reverse the painful effects of a herniated spinal disc.

Fibromyalgia - widespread joint, muscle and soft tissue pain; discover how to get relief.

Joint Disease / Osteoarthritis - aching joint pain, stiffness and loss of movement. Get relief.

Low Back Pain - caused by improper posture, poor work habits, incorrect lifting. Get relief.

Osteoporosis - thinning, brittle bones. Learn how to prevent it and how to get relief.

Sciatica - pain in the lower back down the back of the legs; symptoms and treatment.

Scoliosis - a sideways curve in the spine affecting children 8 – 18; signs and symptoms.

Tension Headaches - learn the causes and how to get relief.

Torticollis - neck muscles involuntarily contract causing the head to turn. How to get relief.

Whiplash - learn the many causes of whiplash and how to get lasting relief.